Code of Conduct

Comcast is committed to providing all attendees a safe, collegial and collaborative environment in which to share and learn. Harassment of conference participants and presenters based on any criteria – including, but not limited to, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and religion – will not be tolerated. Any conference participant or presenter violating this code of conduct will be asked to leave.

Diversity and Inclusion

Comcast NBCUniversal strives to find new and creative ways to support its diverse workforce. One of these initiatives is the Comcast DevOps Day conference. This conference provides a platform for professionals within Comcast NBCU and external technology professionals to collaborate and learn new trends and advancements in the area of DevOps. Organized by a diverse committee of professionals, DevOps day encourages ideas and knowledge sharing between professionals with varied backgrounds.


The Commons on Champa

1245 Champa St
Denver, CO 80204